Dog House Training - Tips to Help

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House training your dog is not rocket science.
However, it is a time consuming process but a necessary one for the happiness of your puppy and your family.
It can be frustrating when your puppy doesn't seem to be learning fast enough and you keep finding messes.
There are a few thing you should remember while you are dog house training.
First, choose a word you would like to use to communicate to your pup that he just did right.
By teaching your puppy a bridge word like "good" or "yes" you can communicate to your pup more precisely what you are asking him to do.
Choose a special spot, take the dog to the spot on a leash and play the waiting game.
Praise him once he is done, so that he learns that the particular area is his bathroom! Praising the animal profusely when they go outside, or wherever their designated area is, can be very effective.
Make sure they get the chance to go out as often as necessary, yes, even if you lose some sleep.
Praise it if it goes outside.
Remember to always use the weakest stimulus possible to interrupt your dog.
Punishments should be avoided because such may just establish fear between the dog and the master.
Punishing the dog physically or verbally will not help, and might get him to do the act again.
If you ignore him, he will realize his mistakes you might have your dog not peeing at the same place again.
Following these simple steps should make dog house training less stressful.
Enjoy your pet and try not to get to frustrated.
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