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Worm (endoparasite) infections in dogs are frequently seen in the UK.
Young animals have a lower resistance to infection and given that unborn pups can be infected whilst still in their mothers' womb via the blood, or immediately after their birth via the colostrum, it is most important to start worming pups from about 2 weeks of age.
What Types Of Worm Infections Are There? Roundworms These worms are spaghetti-like in appearance and non-segmented.
Toxocara canis and Toxascaris leonina are both seen in the UK.
A heavy infestation can cause a pot-bellied appearance, diarrhoea and result in a poor growth rate.
Toxacara canis can also affect humans, causing a variety of symptoms and in rare instances, blindness in children.
Tapeworms These worms are segmented and can grow to several feet in length.
The small head of the worm fastens to the lining of the small intestine and the main body of the worm trails downstream.
The adult worm sheds segments, which are full of eggs and can often be seen around the anus or on the stools.
They resemble grains of rice.
Hookworms These worms suck blood from the lining of the gut and can cause serious anaemia and internal bleeding.
Hookworms can also cause skin disease as infective larvae are able to burrow directly into the exposed skin.
Whipworms Like hookworms, these worms are blood-suckers living in the lining of the small intestine.
They can cause bloody diarrhea and weight loss.
What Can We Do To Control Worm Infections? Given that worm infections are so common in the UK, the prevention of infection is practically impossible.
Control is based on a regular quarterly treatment with a drug that will kill worms.
These may be given orally as powders, tablets or suspension as well as by 'spot-ons', and even injections in some instances.
It should be noted that not all worm groups are killed by all of the available drugs, so it is important to gain advice as to which products are suitable for your pets needs.
PANACUR GRANULES are tasteless, odourless granules that can be dissolved into the dogs' food making medication easy.
The granules contain the drug fenbendazole which is effective against all roundworm and most tapeworm infections.
PANACUR FAVOURITES are the same drug in tablet formulation that are given like a treat to the pet.
PANACUR PASTE is the same drug in paste formulation so that it can be given directly into the patient's mouth.
PANACUR SUSPENSION is the same drug in a liquid suspension and can be added directly to the food.
DRONTAL PLUS and DRONTAL PLUS XL are tablets containing a combination of pyrantel embonate, febantel and praziquantel offering complete round- and tapeworm coverage.
DRONTAL PUPPY SUSPENSION is the same combination of drugs (a combination of pyrantel embonate, febantel and praziquantel) but in a suspension that can be mixed into the food.
'Stronghold' is a 'spot-on' preparation, currently available only through your veterinary surgeon, that treats roundworms, fleas and some types of mange.
It DOES NOT treat tapeworm infections.
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