5 Helpful Tips to Consider Before Adopting a Dog

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Starting anything new can be an experience and sometimes traumatic without knowing where or how to begin.
I am ready to share my 40 years of experience owning dogs, that were your "throw away rejected dogs" that have all made fabulous pets.
My best 5 tips are: Pet tip 1: Attitude.
What is your attitude towards taking in a pet that may have been abused or neglected.
What will it take to develop a strong bonding with the dog, let's say, that will keep you forever together.
Pet tip 2: Time.
Do you have the time to spend with the dog or are you wanting this to be a pet that spends most of his time outside, alone or inside alone? Or, are you committed to spending time with the dog besides feeding him? Are you able to pet the dog daily, spend some quality time with your best friend who you adopted? I see time as an important factor when adopting a dog that will be happy at your home.
Pet tip 3: Feeding.
I know there are many diets out there and you have to be confused by all the products on the market.
I always stuck with one for many years and my dogs lived a long, healthy life eating this way; however, through the years I learned a better way to feed my dog.
It is called BARF and can be found online by googling, books at library or bookstores.
It has worked for 9 years and has saved us many dollars from vet bills.
Pet tip 4: Brushing.
Can you spend 5 minutes a day brushing the dog.
They love to be brushed, but if that doesn't work, then at least some petting time.
They just deserve and want to be touched.
Pet tip 5: Exercise.
Just like humans need exercise so do your pets.
It can be as simple as throwing a ball back and forth to the dog as he fetches it or taking him for a nice walk.
With the walk you both take in some quality time together and exercise as well.
I have shared 5 tips to making the dog adoption process easier than taking in a dog as a take in and throw back experience which is very traumatic to the pet who already has been throw out at least once before.
Having a great dog first starts with being a great dog owner--one who is a caring, compassionate, loving person who any dog would love to call their friend forever! Is that you?
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