Giant Schnauzer Dog Breed Health Issues, Grooming Tips and Living Conditions

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Health Issues: The Giant Schnauzer is prone to quite a few illnesses and diseases including hip dysplasia, epilepsy, incontinence, bloat and cancer.
These are all becoming almost common in the breed.
They can also suffer from autoimmune diseases, and are especially prone to toe cancer which even when caught early still is fatal to many Giant Schnauzers annually.
Their average life expectancy is 12-15 years.
Grooming: Although in some ways they do not need much grooming and are relatively easy to keep there are a few things that are important to do.
Due to the fact that the Giant Schnauzer doesn't shed, it's important to regularly brush them to remove any dead undercoat as if this is left it can matt, you should first brush with the lay of the hair, and then against it to lift the coat.
Giant Schnauzers who are pets will only need to be clipped down a few times a year, whereas show dogs should be hand stripped.
It's also important to clean their faces down after they eat as bits of food can get caught in their moustache which can matt the hair and cause discolouration.
Living Conditions: The Giant Schnauzer is really not suited to apartment life, they are extremely active and need plenty of space to run around as well as twice daily walks or runs.
They would do best with a family with no other pets and no young children, unless the dog is well trained.
They really cannot be given enough exercise so an active family that can take them out cycling or running for hours would be best.
It's also worth remembering that they are tall dogs so can easily grab things off of any low surfaces.
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