What to Look For in a Life Jacket For Your Dog

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Worried about taking your dog on a water adventure, scared of what could happen if the dog falls overboard? Ask yourself this question, would you rather be wearing a life jacket if you fell into deep water or not? I'm pretty sure you would choose to wear some form of buoyancy aid.
So what makes you think a dog is any different.
We can be forgiven for believing that dogs are good swimmers and love the water and the same can be said for humans, we just as they cannot all swim.
If your dog is on water or near water then it needs to be wearing a dog life jacket.
A dog that falls into water is in serious danger.
If its wearing a life jacket for dogs that's a proper size and fit then the risk of drowning or other injury is lowered.
There's no shortage of good quality life vests for dogs and pets for you to pick from.
Even price should be no problem with many cheap dog life vests now available from amazon and eBay too.
If budget isn't a concern then the variety of pfd's (pet flotation devices) is greatly widened, with many designer dog life jackets in different colors and styles i.
e camouflage and polka-dot etc.
The vast majority of dog life vests are float models which contain a buoyant material which is sewn inside the dog vests outer fabric, giving it a padded appearance.
Make sure you check the dogs size and weight to ensure this will be sufficient to support the dog whilst in the water.
The other style available from a few manufacturers is the Automatic Pet Float, which contains a pressurized gas cylinder that is activated automatically if the dog falls into the water, the automatic dog life vest is ideal for being less bulky, but if activated requires the fitment of a new gas activation unit.
Which adds to this styles maintenance cost (cylinders also have a limited life expectancy).
Price-wise pet vests range from an average cost of $10us to $100us.
So there will be a model that will suit everyone's pocket, and hopefully you will never need to use it, but will be very glad you did if the unthinkable happens.
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