Improve Your Training Sessions With These Dog Training Tips - Part 1

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These basic dog training tips will make training easier on you as well as your dog.
You and your dog should be having fun.
These tips apply to every trainingsession with your dog.
Check yourself to see if you are already practicing some of them.
You may need to have an outsider watch your training to see if you need any improvement in any of these areas.
b>Short sessions are best-Keep your training sessions to less than 30 minutes.
I would suggest even shorter sessions of 15-20 minutes.
It all depends on your dog.
Each dog is an individual.
Some dogs can take longer sessions, while with others 10 minutes is enough.
It is much better to train2 or 3 times a day for 10-15 minutes than to train too long and cause your dog to dislike the training.
Praise more than correct- You want to err on the side of praising too much than too little.
Dogs want to please for the most part.
Your dog needs to know when he is responding correctly.
You can never praise too much, really.
Give commands once-Do not say "Stay! Stay! Stay!", then blame the dog for not listening.
You must see to it that he carries through.
If it is the stay command, for instance, you would physically place him back in the place he was.
Sound upbeatingivingcommands - This is not the same as praise.
Here, you are giving your dog a direct command, like sit, stay or come.
For the best results commands should be given in as excited and happy a voice possible.
I am not talking about baby talk here, but an encouraging voice.
You may feel a bit ridiculous at first.
Never yell or raise your voice- It is only necessary to raise your voice if there is a life threatening situation or your dog is a long ways from you.
Otherwise, keep your voice ata normal volume.
When you train with loud commands, your dog will most likely not listen when you speak normally.
If you train in a normal volume (except for the upbeat sound, of course) he will pay attention when you need to raise your voice.
Hopefully, you have gained some insight into your dog training.
Make sure you practice regularly.
Remember to read this more than once, before and after your training session, until it becomes routine.
You should see a difference in the first few times you train if practicing all of these tips.
If not, do not give up.
Sometimes it takes a while for things to come together.
Do not forget, this is suppose to be fun.
You and your dog should develop a closer bond through training.
This is not to take the place of a full training program, but to give you dog training tips that will make it easier for you while you train.
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