How to Apply for Financial Help for Rescued Dogs & Cats

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    • 1). Contact the Pet Fund (see Resources). The Pet Fund states, as part of its mission statement, "Adopting a companion animal always involves both expense and commitment, and if owners have a resource to help with medical services, their animals can receive necessary care despite the financial burdens involved." Pet Fund offers emergency financial aid and resources to pet owners, both those who need assistance for their pets and those who need assistance to rescue a dog or cat.

    • 2). Discuss options for financial help with the local animal shelter. Shelters often maintain lists of local assistance programs that help people rescuing cats and dogs.

    • 3). Contact the local state veterinary school. These schools are located at state universities with veterinary programs. Veterinary schools frequently offer assistance programs for people who rescue cats and dogs.

    • 4). Discuss possible assistance programs with a local veterinary clinic. Many veterinarians will, if possible, offer financial assistance to an individuals who rescue a dog or cat. Ask the vet to apply for financial assistance through the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). The AAHA offers assistance to pet owners who apply through the veterinary clinic.

    • 5). Consider rescuing a specific breed of dog. Some rescue organizations offer financial assistance to people who adopt a specific breed of dog (pit bulls, dalmatians, greyhounds, etc). Overpopulation of these breeds occurs when a sudden spurt of public popularity for the breed ends, creating an overpopulation of the breed and unwanted dogs. Many of these shelters offer financial aid to people who adopt a dog from their shelter.

    • 6). Review financial assistance programs for specific types of assistance for rescue animals. Financial assistance exists to assist with spaying or neutering a rescued cat or dog, as well as treating animals with various illnesses and debilitating conditions.

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