Important Tips to Treat and Prevent Canine Urinary Infections

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Canine urinary infections are caused when bacteria get into your dog's urethra or bladder.
A urinary tract infection, needless to say, can be very painful and very uncomfortable.
Though urinary tract infections can be treated easily, they can be fatal when left untreated for a long time.
Infection causes inflammation in the urinary system.
The inflammation causes the urethra, which carries urine to narrow, slowing down the flow of urine.
Since the urine carries bacteria, and crystals which form bladder stones out of the body, the infection causes both conditions to worsen.
So, you should observe your dog carefully and look out for any symptoms of discomfort to find out if it has a problem.
The symptoms of urinary tract infections in dogs include 1.
Frequent urination, but only a few drops at a time 2.
Painful urination (the dog usually groans while urinating) 3.
Bloody, muddy, and foul smelling urine 4.
Constant licking of genitals 5.
Fever and lethargy If your dog shows some or all of these canine urinary tract infection symptoms, you need to take him or her to a qualified veterinarian immediately.
He can confirm if it is indeed an infection by taking a urine test (urinalysis).
Once confirmed, you need to find out a good treatment method to treat your dog.
This is where you should be really, really careful.
Vets usually prescribe antibiotics to treat canine urinary infections.
While these are effective, they are a short term approach to the problem.
The way to prevention canine urinary tract infection symptoms from returning is by giving a regular dose of natural homeopathic remedies to your dog.
Homeopathic remedies have long been considered a way to treat your dog's health problems in an amazingly short period of time.
Usually, within a week or two, you can see improvements in your dog's behavior.
They can strengthen your dog's immune system when consumed regularly.
As a result, your dog becomes strong enough to defend itself from diseases and infections in the future.
They also help the body maintain the correct PH in the urine so that it has the maximum bacteria fighting strength.
Apart from giving good natural supplements to your dog, there are a few things you should do to prevent canine urinary infections.
Give your dog lots of pure water to drink.
Don't give tap water.
Bathe your dog often and keep it clean.
If your dog is dirty and unclean, chances of a bacterial infection are very high.
Keep your dog happy and active by taking him out for a walk regularly and by playing with him.
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