Cocker Spaniel Puppy Training - Dog Obedience Tips for Spaniels

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The Cocker Spaniel's warm nature is possibly one of the reasons that you were attracted to this breed in the first place, not to mention the fact that this breed makes a wonderful family pet.
However, their warm, sensitive nature is also one of the aspects that make training Spaniels a little different from training other breeds.
How to Train Cocker Spaniels
  • Cocker Spaniels have a pleasant temperament and even border on the sensitive side of breeds.
    Therefore, you need to take your obedience training lessons slowly and exercise a lot of patience.
    An overly harsh word can see your puppy recoiling which can set your training program back a few days.
    Whenever it seems that you can't quite get your point across, simply take a break, let puppy have some playtime and then resume refreshed.
    Cocker Spaniels respond best to kind words and gestures of encouragement.
  • They love their rewards and treats, a fact that tends to make them more responsive to your obedience sessions.
  • Cocker Spaniels can have a will of their own which means that you might have to use a little dog psychology when taking your puppy through his obedience lessons.
    In fact, people often refer to Cocker Spaniels as stubborn.
    It pays to keep this in mind when you start the obedience lessons and if you decide to be equally stubborn, then you should win out in the end.
  • The previous point is probably one reason why many of these dogs end up being a little spoiled.
    This is predominantly because the owner has given into the spaniel's charms instead of setting the rules of the house upfront.
    We all love to spoil our dogs to some extent, especially when they are puppies but it is still preferable if your charming Spaniel responds to your commands in a timely fashion and in the way you have taught.
  • Cocker Spaniels, like most other breeds, can have a tendency to nip too hard when playing.
    You can start to break your puppy out of this habit by reacting the same way that puppy siblings would react if one of them became too rough.
    Simply stand up and leave the room each time that puppy refuses to release his biting grip.
    In this way he will start to get the message that "stop" means "stop".
This is one breed that can be very obedient, so training your Cocker Spaniel puppy should be a rewarding activity.
You can look forward to a loyal, affectionate companion as he grows up, especially if you take charge of his puppy obedience training right from the start.
Have fun with your cute little puppy!
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