Dog Attack Prevention Tools

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If you have ever been attacked by a dog like I have, you know how terrifying the incident is and even worse, the after effects.
More than likely there is a trip to an emergency room with stitches, drugs, and perhaps rehab.
Deaths rarely occur, but every year close to 30 people die from dog attacks in the United States.
The after effects include possible nightmares and a definite fear of seeing dogs running loose.
It doesn't even matter how big they are, small dogs have teeth also and can bite.
That is the very nature of dogs-to bite.
You get a dog's incisor tooth into your skin and it can do untold damage.
Of all the issues that we deal with, we get more inquiries about how to defend against dog attacks and dog bites than any other.
I believe that is a testament to the amount of interest involved in this issue.
Among other things, homeowners who own dogs may have to pay more for their insurance because the cost of claims to insurance companies throughout the United States on an annual basis is well over $400 million a year.
That money has to come from somewhere.
In this article we will discuss some dog attack prevention tools that you can use to prevent a dog bite.
Some of them you already know, others are common sense tools that you may not think of.
Self-defense products such as pepper sprays are a great first step for self-defense against dog attacks.
But let's talk about some other dog attack defenses.
The first way to prevent dog attacks is to avoid areas where you know dogs congregate, sometimes that's a park or an area of the street.
But unfortunately, dogs can appear from anywhere and you have no idea whether they are friendly or hostile.
You have to assume that the dog is going to bite you.
When you see a dog approaching try reading its body language which could give you a clue as to how serious the dog is about attacking.
Then look for anything that you can use as a block to shove in the dog's mouth-a stick, a branch, a shoe, even take off your shirt and use that so anything is better than having the dog bite your arm or leg.
The more traditional way for dog attack defense is with a pepper spray that is specifically designed for dogs or an ultrasonic dog repeller that works up to 40 feet away.
The pepper spray only has a range of 8 to 10 feet.
The ultrasonic dog repeller has historically been ineffective on some more aggressive breeds of dogs, but works on most breeds.
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