How to Treat Brucellosis in Dogs

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    • 1). Evaluate your canine's symptoms. A dog that experiences this condition may have difficulty walking and appear weak. A female dog may have difficulty carrying puppies while pregnant. Your dog's eyes may also appear inflamed.

    • 2). Take your dog to the vet. If the animal is weak, have someone help carry him to the car. The vet should run blood tests and conduct a complete exam to aid in the diagnosis.

    • 3). Design a treatment plan. Dogs with this condition should be treated with antibiotics. Because brucellosis is very difficult to treat, your canine may need several courses of them.

    • 4). Treat other dogs in the home. This condition is extremely contagious, so any other canines you own should be examined and treated at the same time. Your family should also visit the doctor, since this condition is transferable to humans.

    • 5). Administer medication as directed. Even if your dog appears to be feeling better, it's extremely important to continue medication. Stopping some medications early can have serious health consequences.

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