Leash Train Your Dog Fast

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The Fastest way to leash train a dog.
Things you will need: A.
) A slip collar, choker collar or pinch collar.
A regular dog collar will work but not as fast.
This technique works with in 1 to 3 try's with a choker collar.
) One 6 to 10 foot leash.
( preferably leather) one that is not going to stretch.
Step 1.
) Start out with your dog in the sitting position on your right side.
Facing the same direction.
Step 2.
) give a quick tug on the leash about 1 foot from the choker.
At the same time give the command "HEEL!" then start walking.
As long as he stays by your side, pet him and tell him he is a good boy! Step 3.
)As your dog starts to speed up and get in front of you, let him.
As he is about to bring the leash tout.
Say "HEEL" and do an about face(turn the opposite direction) and stop with your back to your dog.
Your dog will think.
" Oh we are going that way.
" And turn around.
Be careful.
You don"t want to hurt him.
Just get his attention back on you.
When he returns to you.
Make him sit.
Praise HIM! Repeat steps 1 though 3.
Most dogs learn to heel from this method with in the 3rd try.
If it has been more than 3 or 4 days since your last walk and training session.
You may need a refresher.
This also works best with little distractions.
(an open field deserted street) Happy training.
"An obedient dog is a happy dog!" And so are you.
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