How to Get Rid of Human Parasites

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    • 1). Determine if you have the symptoms associated with human parasites. Someone infested with human parasites will usually suffer from a myriad of mild symptoms including anal or vaginal itching, nausea, abdominal pain and appetite changes.

    • 2). Get an official opinion through a physical exam. Schedule a physical so your doctor can determine the exact cause behind your symptoms. If he suspects human parasites he may use the "tape test" to confirmhis diagnosis. With the tape test, the physician places a piece of cellophane test around your anal cavity. After that the tape will be examined through a microscope. If parasite eggs are found on the tape, chances are you are infected.

    • 3). Take anti-parasite drugs such as Albenza and Pyrantel. They offer the quickest remedy for human parasites. However, you will usually need to take several doses before the parasites are completely eliminated.

    • 4). Consider natural remedies. Although anti-parasite drugs are powerful, they may not be the best solution for mild infestation, since they can cause gastrointestinal problems. For this reason, you may want to consider holistic treatment such as savory herbs or pumpkin seeds. If you go this route, you consume the savory herbs through tea or oil, while the pumpkin seeds would be consumed raw or in supplements.

    • 5). Think about taking a parasite cleansing formula. Parasite cleansing formulas contain a more potent mixture of herbs, allowing for faster all-natural treatment.

    • 6). Prevent future infestation by cleaning up your house. Sometimes even after human parasites have been treated, they occur again because the patient didn’t properly clean infested areas including countertops, floors or any other areas in the house. So, to avoid this problem, thoroughly clean up your house, making sure you use anti-bacterial cleansers.

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