How to Remove Dog Hair From a Wool Blanket

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    • 1). Gather up the blanket and take it outside. Shake it vigorously to loosen the fur.

    • 2). Put on a rubber glove. The type with a raised grip work best for this project. Wet the glove with tap water and then shake to remove most of the moisture. Run your fingers along the blanket to take up the dog fur.

    • 3). Vacuum the blanket to get rid of any remaining fur.

    • 4). Rub the blanket lightly with a fabric softener sheet to repel dog fur in the future.

    • 5). Rub a dampened sponge over the blanket as a good alternative to the rubber glove.

    • 6). Brushing the blanket with a lint brush, hand held roller or masking tape will also remove unwanted dog fur.

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