How to Keep Flies From Biting a Dog's Ears

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    • 1). Clean the area where you dog hangs out. Dog feces attracts flies, so pick up every day. If you dog lies in a special spot, clean that area also.

    • 2). Bring your dog inside. Flies seem to be active in hot, humid weather. Take your dog inside the house during the hottest part of the day if you notice flies biting.

    • 3). Wash the dog's ears with a mild shampoo and rinse well. If the ear was bleeding, apply an antibiotic ointment.

    • 4). Apply a thick coat of petroleum jelly to both ears. Flies cannot bite through the petroleum jelly. Reapply daily.

    • 5). Add 1 tbsp. of apple-cider vinegar to your dog's water every day. Farmers swear that flies won't bite an animal that drinks apple-cider vinegar.

    • 6). Apply a thin layer of Avon's Skin-So-Soft lotion. Many people use it to repel mosquitoes--and they claim that flies hate it, too.

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