Breed Dog Mastiff Facts

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Are you considering getting a mastiff as a family pet?These large, imposing dogs not only make great pets, but they are also incredible guard dogs.
Invariably, mastiffs will require extra training and attention because of their massive size.
The last thing you want is an out-of-control 200 pound dog on your hands!But if you feel you are ready to take on one of these wonderful animals, here are some tips to help you choose which specific breed is right for you.
The English Mastiff is the largest of all the mastiffs.
A full-grown male is 30 inches tall at the shoulder, and weighs anywhere between 160 and 230 pounds!This is a grand, dignified animal with a long proud history.
He has been used as a guard dog for many years, and is considered one of the top ten guard dogs of all time.
The English Mastiff is an extremely loyal to his family, and will go to any length to protect them.
More than other dogs, this breed is especially prone to develop bone cancer.
The Brazilian Mastiff is also an excellent guard dog.
He is generally gentle with his owners and family members, but can be quite fierce with strangers.
His extreme physical power and fearless nature require that he be well-trained and supervised to prevent unwanted aggression.
This dog also has a keen sense of smell, which is useful for tracking.
A male Brazilian Mastiff weighs over 100 pounds.
The American Bandog Mastiff is actually more of hybrid than a recognized breed.
Like the others, he is an excellent guard dog.
This dog is blessed with some qualities that make him especially suitable as a family pet: high intelligence, an even temperament, and a love for companionship.
This is not a dog that likes to be left alone.
Though he is reluctant to bark, he tends to whine loudly when he gets lonely!An adult male American Bandog Mastiff weighs between 100 and 140 pounds.
This is just an introduction to the wonderful world of mastiffs.
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