Things You Should Know About Boxer Dogs

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A boxer is all that's great in a breed.
He's fun a moment, a greatest pace version of dog slapstick.
But he's also a sympathetic heart, a shoulder to cry on, and a confidante.
Certainly, boxers are oriented extrovert people breed.
They could become so pleased that their whole hip moves once they wiggle their tails.
Famous in America since 1940s, this breed is an excellent household dog who acquired his identity from his practice of commencing a fight by located on his back legs and punching with his front feet.
Personality This breed is the best people dog.
He's strategic and cautious with other people but inquisitive, and he will show fearless bravery if in danger.
Boxers can adjust to almost any atmosphere, provided that they're with people.
Boxers are incredibly clever but could be lively.
Because of this, dog obedience training is a must.
The dog enjoys training and understands quickly.
Some have performed as guide dogs and also guard dogs.
Home and Family Relations The boxer dog is a warm and friendly, dedicated to his family.
His personality is mainly playful, yet he is calm and stoical with kids.
He is understanding of their tricks and likes to play.
He's a natural defender and, if taught, could be a good watch and guard dog.
With no training, some boxers usually are too friendly and prefer to lick and have fun with an intruder rather than guarding.
Special Concerns Boxers are low the cost of maintenance but they need regular exercise.
Their short hair coat needs minimum self care.
Though they're exceptional family pets, they have a tendency to fight between themselves, particularly if the other family boxers are the same sex.
The most important issue about the boxer is the excessive rate of cancer in contrast to other breeds
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