Acupressure Points to Help the Older Dog

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Even at 12-years old, Sheba had the look of a regal Irish Setter.
Her rich, red, silky coat flowed as she pranced.
Still sleek and lean, her white face and telltale shorter gate was evidence that she was a healthy example of a senior-dog citizen.
Sheba's naps were getting longer and when getting up and getting going she needed some coaxing.
The ancient eastern healing art of acupressure offers our senior friends a lot of relief from the aches and pains of aging.
It is very common for a dog to suffer the same difficulties we do as the years go on.
1000s of year of acupressure has shown that it: - Strengthens the dog's immune system - Lubricates the joints to improve mobility - Reduces inflammation associated with arthritis - Enhances blood circulation for better overall functioning - Releases endorphins and natural cortisone to relieve pain and increase the dog's comfort level.
A weekly acupressure session with their favorite human goes a long way to having a healthy, happy older dog.
Our senior canines want to do all the great things they use to do in their younger days, we just have to help them feel better doing it.
Acupressure Points to Support Senior Canines Acupressure has proven to help relieve the pain and stiffness of arthritis as well as many other issues associated with aging.
Here is a selection of specific acupressure points that can help your dog.
Stomach 36, the translation of its Chinese name is Leg Three Miles, is used extensively to aid digestion and promote gastrointestinal health while also regulating and tonifying blood and life-force energy.
This acupoint is known to enhance the animal's activity level and assist in the absorption of nutrients.
Gall Bladder 34 is also known as Yang Mound Spring.
This acupoint has the attribute of influencing the strength and flexibility of tendons, ligaments, and joints.
Additionally, it can reduce atrophy of the older dog's soft tissues.
Kidney 3, traditionally called Great Stream, brings forth the original essence and energy of the animal which supports the dog's basic constitution.
This acupoint is often used to add essential energy during the winter phase of life.
Acupressure Technique While looking at the chart, place the soft, fleshy part of the tip of your thumb on the point on one side of your dog.
Use about 1 pound of pressure, take care not to poke or hurt the dog.
Comfortably rest your other hand of the dog, too.
Hold your thumb on the point and count to 30 or watch the dog for evidence of releasing of energy.
An energetic release would be licking, yawning, stretching, or passing air.
Repeat this procedure on the other side of the dog.
By performing the "Senior Canine" acupressure session every five to seven days, you will be contributing to your elder dog's health and well-being for all his years - which could be many or more.
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