Dachshund Training Methods

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    • Dachshunds are small and fun to play with!running dachshund image by Diana Mastepanova from Fotolia.com

      Dachshunds are a well-known breed that comes from Germany, where they were originally hunting dogs.

      Dachshunds love being around people, but can often be choosy and become attached to one or two people and then become protective of them. Though they are small, they are often bold and sometimes act bigger than their size. Since they are a stubborn breed, training a dachshund may be a little trickier than other breeds, but once you get to know your own dog and understand how he or she thinks, it will be no different from working with other dogs.


    • Dachshunds love treats, so one training trick is to use food and snacks to positively reinforce behavior. Food should only be given when the dog or puppy does something correctly, and it should be clear to them ahead of time that food is the reward. When they are not due for a reward, be firm in not giving it to them and in letting them know that they will not receive it; in this way, they will not get into the habit of begging for it.


    • Since dachshunds are stubborn, you will need some extra patience to train them, but it is important to remain positive and give them lots of praise. They can sense tone of voice, and since they are small dogs they can be timid, so be sure to use light but firm tones. Because they can sense voice, they will know the difference between when you are praising them and when you are not. When they do something you ask, or do something correctly, be sure to give them lots of praise so they are excited about the activity and happy with themselves (and happy with you!).


    • For training such as housebreaking, routines are helpful in allowing your dog to adjust and understand what it is you are asking of him. Your dog will come to know what he is supposed to do, and will willingly do it for you, especially if you add praise afterward. WIthout routine, your dog will not know what you expect and when, and will have trouble understanding what you want. For example, if you take him outside to go to the bathroom about an hour after a meal, he will need to go to the bathroom and understand that that is why you are outside. However, if you randomly take him outside at different points during the day, he may not understand why you are taking him outside, and may just want to play.


    • Since dachshunds are stubborn, you must be a little stubborn and firm too in order to persist in getting what you want. Be sure that when you are being firm, your dog understands what you are asking. Some misbehavior in dogs stems from miscommunication, as when the dog does not understand what is expected and the owner gets frustrated with "misbehavior." Be clear, consistent and firm in your requests so as not to confuse your little pup.

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