Is a Morkie Right For You?

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Morkies are a unique breed of designer dog.
Most designer breeds of dogs use a clever mix of the two different parents involved in breeding.
In this case Morkie is a mix between a Yorkie and a Maltese.
To determine if this type of dog is a good fit in your house, you first need to think about your personality and the personality that the dog will have.
Typically these are some common questions that people consider before getting a dog
  • Do I have room for a pet to live in my house?
  • Should I get a big dog or a small dog?
  • What will the breeds energy level be?
  • Will that dog's energy level match mine?
  • Will the dog mesh well with others or does it typically just bond with one person?
Those are a few questions that are common when deciding which type of dog to get.
Let's think about these questions and how they relate to buying a Morkie.
Morkies are small dogs, so they will be fine in a house or apartment.
If you have a small living area than you should not get a large breed dog.
Morkies are high energy dogs, so if you get one you will need to give it a lot of exercise, so take it for walks regularly and take it out to the yard or park to play.
They are also very good with others and children, and bond quickly with other people.
If you are not very active then this pooch might not be the best for you, but if you are active, and want a cute small dog that will get along with others then a Morkie is a great dog!
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