Preparing Your Maltese to Be Best of Show!

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Most people get a Maltese because there are things about this particular breed that they desire and believe that this is the breed that will suit them as a pet.
Perhaps they like the idea of the small, longhaired, attractive, white pet that loves to have a lot of attention.
They have (hopefully) done their research and made their decision.
On the other hand, perhaps a person or a family is enamored of dog shows and is interested in having a show dog.
Of course, they will have observed that show dogs are properly groomed, and well behaved which speaks to continuous care and dedicated training.
If you are one of those people who is considering showing your dog, there is information that you should know.
It is true that many Maltese dogs look very much alike.
However, looks are not the only factor involved in a decision to "show" a dog.
Your Maltese will need to display a temperament that will successfully respond to the intensive training required for show dogs.
Training isn't always the easiest thing in the world to do because there is a lot for the Maltese to learn.
The dog needs to have well balanced demeanor and be responsive to the myriad of training directives like "sit, down, jog, preen and others that must be flawlessly executed during trials and shows.
If your Maltese has the "show" attitude and you are not both going crazy with training, then maybe you have an award winning competitor.
Along with the rigorous training, there will need to be something very distinctive about the grooming of your Maltese to distinguish him/her from the other competitors in that breed because, as stated before, Maltese do look very much alike.
You will need to become acquainted with all the physical features of the Maltese which will be seriously scrutinized by the competition judges.
Knowing these facts will assist you in developing a grooming plan for your particular dog.
Preparing and keeping your Maltese "show" ready can involve some high maintenance.
Your dog will constantly need to have its beauty treatment which will include keeping that gorgeous long hair flowing and silky to touch, eyes clean and clear, nails trimmed.
In addition, there will need to be significant attention paid to the choice of just the right hair ornament and just the right placement of that ornament.
After considering all the information regarding showing your Maltese, you should be able to make an appropriate decision for you and your pet.
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