How to Care for an English Bulldog's Eyes

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    • 1). Check your dog's eyes daily for signs of irregularity. The whites of its eyes should be clear and not discolored. Observe its eyes for redness, discharge and swelling. Consult your veterinarian if you notice these abnormalities in your dog's eye, as it could be a sign of an infection or an internal disorder.

    • 2). Wash your bulldog's eye weekly. Clean its eyes with sterile eyewash and eye wipes to keep them free of mucous and prevent tear stains.

    • 3). Use a tear stain remover if your bulldog has tear stains around its eyes. Speak to your vet about recommending a suitable tear stain remover. Clean the area around your bulldog's eyes with the tear stain remover weekly. Left unattended, tear stains can be a breeding ground for yeast and bacterial infections.

    • 4). Apply a protective ophthalmic eye ointment prior to bathing or using flea treatment on your bulldog. Gently rub a little ointment below the top lid of its eyes to prevent irritation and infection.

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