Dog Hygiene - Something Every Dog Breeder Has To Watch Out For!

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Washing our dog is quite important, but it's not that important like people think.
Healthy doggies need not be washed often, but we humans prefer to do so such that they get an appealing appearance and smell.
Doggie's bathing time is a very good time to share with it.
Although many don't like to get washed, they will surely appreciate the attention and contact which they would receive during a bath.
It's the perfect time to do some other needed "dog maintenance" like cleaning their ears, checking for fleas and ticks, and brushing their teeth.
Since most of the dogs don't like to sit idle for such activities, it's a very good idea for doing all of them at the same time.
Brushing Brushing our dog's teeth is a good hygiene.
Most professional vets recommend it being done twice a week, at least to ensure that our dog has healthy gums and teeth.
If you people haven't been doing these things (and, unfortunately, many don't) it's not too late to begin.
The dog must have a toothbrush of its own and a special paste which is designed for them.
Make it sure you do brush their back teeth in circles, the exact way by which you would do your own, and do brush top and bottom of the size of the pointing canine teeth.
The Dog toothpaste will have a very pleasing taste (folks! It's for the dogs, don't try it) which should make it willing to let us to perform this kind of activity.
Checking for Fleas & Ticks Ticks are very nasty little arachnids (they have eight legs (like spiders), and hence aren't insects) which will latch over the skin of your dog and will make its blood as their meal's ticket.
They are very common in woody places, but your dog must be checked for these arachnids regularly as they carry a variety of diseases.
The correct place for finding these bugs is under the collar of the dog or on its underbelly, buried in fur.
If seen they must be removed with the help of tweezers.
Fleas would be found in similar places, under its fur.
Their presence can be felt by the sight of their droppings over the dog's fur coat.
They look like pepper flecks.
The fleas look as bits of brown rice.
They will be about a 1\8 inch long.
They can not simply be picked, like ticks but finding them would let you know that its time to begin a program for controlling and eliminating the insects from the dog.
Ear Cleaning Pet stores sell some special solutions for cleaning a dog's ear.
Dogs will easily acquire ear mites, little insects which will live in the ear and would feed on the waxy secretions present there.
Over the time the bodies of these creatures build a black, very dirty substance.
By using a swab of cotton dipped in a bit of this solution, clean the inner part of the ear.
It might be difficult for holding your dog idle for this procedure, but this doesn't take much time.
And the result is that your dog will have clean ears and the earaches and potential infections will be extinguished.
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