Poodle Biting

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Biting is a common problem for poodle owners.
Poodles often start out biting when they are still young and very adorable.
It's hard not to let the behaviour and develop.
If it isn't stopped, they can grow to bite you, too.
What Causes Poodle Biting Most believe poodles bite more than other breeds.
However if the poodle is trained properly they will hardly bite at all.
Poodles are considered to be one of the more intelligent dog breeds.
They can be very stubborn when it comes following commands if they are not trained properly.
How to Stop Poodle Biting If your poodle receives the right socialization when they are young, they can be easily trained to know that biting is not acceptable behaviour.
It is important for your puppy to be with it's mother for at least 8 weeks.
Never scold or yell at your puppy.
Try your best not to scold him.
Try obedience classes that focus on bite aversion.
Be sure to let him socialize with other dogs and your family.
Be sure to show him that his biting is hurting you.
When he bites you make a soft whimpering noise to show pain.
He doesn't want to hurt you.
Also try giving him a chew toy to distract him from biting you or things he shouldn't bite.
Poodle Biting in Older Dogs If your poodle is still biting as an adult, be sure that he understands the situation.
Show him that you are in charge of the situation.
Take the alpha position.
Be consistent in any rules.
Don't waver or give in to him.
Don't confuse him by playing tug of war or any games that will involve biting or simulate attacking.
Control the feeding ad walking times.
Try taking your dog to obedience classes where there are other dogs.
Your dog will be forced to work out any aggression or anxiety issues with the other dogs there.
Is your problem becoming dangerous? You may need to hire a specialist to come in and help you to train your dog.
It is also possible that the biting is related to a health issue.
Try taking your dog to the vet.
No matter how small your poodle is, you need to know that biting is never an accepted behaviour of dogs.
While it may start out as a small problem, it can quickly escalate to a huge problem.
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