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How to Care for an English Bulldog's Eyes

The English bulldog is a compact dog with a wide chest, small legs and easygoing temperament. Its ancestors were used to bait bulls, which is how the English bulldog got its name. While this dog is an overall healthy breed, it is prone to eye problems that could be caused by a genetic predisposition

Training Puppies Not to Bite - With an Online Obedience Course

You will find that obedience training can stop puppies from biting. When training puppies not to bite with obedience training you need to praise and reward your puppy when he or she does what you ask of him or her. Give an appropriate correction when he or she doesn't do what has been asked.

Recovery Care for Spayed Dogs

Spaying, also called ovariohysterectomy, refers to the surgery performed on female dogs that involves the removal of the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes, so that the dog does not deliver litters. Spaying is absolutely essential for pet dogs that are not under the care of experienced breeders, as

Breed Dog Mastiff Facts

The magnificent mastiff makes a marvelous pet.He is also one of the best guard dogs you could possibly get.Read on to find out whether this gorgeous dog is right for you and your family.

Worming - Dogs

Worm (endoparasite) infections in dogs are frequently seen in the UK. Young animals have a lower resistance to infection and given that unborn pups can be infected whilst still in their mothers' womb via the blood, or immediately after their birth via the colostrum, it is most important to star

Amputation of a Limb - When Amputation is Necessary

On a recent trip to the animal shelter when our family decided to adopt a dog, we noticed the perfect match for our family. He was a large mixed breed and although we were unsure of the breed we knew from the moment that we laid our eyes on him that he would fill our home with joy. There was one asp

Poodle Biting

Biting is a common problem for poodle owners. Poodles often start out biting when they are still young and very adorable. It's hard not to let the behaviour and develop.

Fat Dog Food Explained

Since dog food is regulated, it makes sense to assume that foods marked for weight loss must meet some standard, right? Apparently not.

BarkOff Review - Stop Your Dog From Barking Anytime, Guaranteed!

As a dog owner, there are few things as irritating as when they go on their barking fits, the only worse thing I can think off is when I bring him back from the park and he's all muddy and runs and jumps on the bed, making an ungodly mess. But seriously though, have you ever come back home to f

How to Deworm Your Dog

Dogs and puppies need to be dewormed regularly to get rid of any parasites that may be harboring inside their bodies. This is especially true for puppies, which should be first dewormed at the age of two weeks and then repeated every two weeks until they reach 8 weeks of age.

How to Remove Dog Hair From a Wool Blanket

Living with dogs inevitably leads to dog fur on the furniture, rugs and blankets. It is a small price to pay for your dog's love and companionship but there are days when you just want a fur-free house. Some blankets can be thrown into the washer, but removing dog fur from a wool blanket is trickier

5 Helpful Tips to Consider Before Adopting a Dog

Owning a pet can be challenging especially if you are a first time pet owner. I love owning dogs and I want you to have that same experience. Let my wisdom be an opportunity for you to love your dog as much as I do all of my mine in the past or today. I have always taken in "throw away dogs&quo

Basic Facts You Should Comprehend When It Comes To Dog Ticks

Taking the dog to explore the woodland or other areas that have an abundance of greenery might be a remarkable time for both you and them, yet there's definitely a really good likelihood that you 'll come back with some unwelcome visitors. Ticks are one of the most common types of parasite

How Can I Get My New Puppy to Stop Crying Each Time I Leave the Room?

It's nice to be loved, but when your new puppy loves you so much it cries every time you leave the room, it can wear thin. A puppy's whining at being left alone is a sign of separation anxiety, which occurs especially when a puppy is moved into a new home or with a new family, if its routine has sig

Internet Boutiques - For All Your Dog Needs

Dog necessity stores are hard to come by, especially if you are living in a small town or a city. However, that should not discourage you from owning a dog. Thanks to online boutiques from where you can buy anything that you need. You will be amazed at the variety of products that you can purchase f

Is a Morkie Right For You?

Morkies are a unique breed of designer dog. Most designer breeds of dogs use a clever mix of the two different parents involved in breeding. In this case Morkie is a mix between a Yorkie and a Maltese.

Simple Tips on Common Dog Health Problems

Pet owners have long been baffled by how they can maintain the health of their pets. Well, the answer is simple. To make sure that they are healthy, you just need to treat them and take care of them like they are humans. Add a little more specialized care and you can make sure that you have a health

How To Stop Your Dog From Barking

Excessive dog barking is a nuisance to all dog owners and their neighbours. Find out why your dog is barking and the steps needed to correct this common behavioral problem.